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As the Port industry, you are the link between the transport and logistics industry, governmental institutions and the maritime and offshore sector. As the linking pin, a Port has the important task of keeping the sectors future-oriented.


But How does a Port help to keep and improve the maritime and offshore sector future-proof in areas such as: sustainability, chain transparency, innovation and economic growth? How does a Port monitor such an ecosystem of stakeholders?


Data for Good is the largest visual data platform in the world with the aim of creating a more sustainable, transparent and social world at local and international level together with an ecosystem of ports, companies, governmental institutions and citizens. We achieve this by recognizing and mapping sustainable and social initiatives and verifying their impact. In this way a port can take control and steer towards making the sector more sustainable.

We are the most economical way to communicate your positive impact.

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It creates support

By publishing the efforts of the port in the field of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), creating transparency and risk monitoring stakeholders see which measures & responsibility the port takes in the field of supply chain transparency, sustainability, economic growth etc.

You receive feedback

You receive responses via the Data for Good Community on how stakeholders, citizens or companies experience the impact of your transactions or decisions.

You get insight

Through various reports from the community you can extract which measures are successful or where you need to make adjustments.


Share insights and use worldwide experiences in other ports and learn from them.

Connect with the local and worldwide ecosystem

Different communities have a common interest, Ports for Good unites those.

Positive sector image

Ports for good contributes to a positive image of the entire maritime and offshore sector.

Uniting the dots

Ports for Good united ports, corporates, SMEs and international supply chains in a global network through the Data for Good real-time platform.

Stimulates chain transparency and strengthen supply chains

Ports for Good stimulates chain transparency and strengthens supply chains through the international Sustainability Standard - GSE System build into the Data for Good platform.

Take control

Ports for Good empowers the ports to control the sustainability of the sector