People for Good
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How it works

1. Register for free as a Person
2. Share knowledge, video’s and pictures
3. Report on wrongdoings or achievements
4. Get your report veried (for free & Privacy Proof!)
5. Reports are used to expose problems and create positive impact

Data for Good is a worldwide social media and reporting platform, that enables you to communicate with other like-minded individuals and support, report and take on common challenges and goals.




Connect with people and organizations around the world and work together on personal and global challenges.


Report on common challenges use your voice for good and get your report verified for free.


Follow your favorite persons and brands.


Post publicly or Create a private group with your friends.


We are Data for Good

We help you, the companies and the government to make choices for a fairer and more sustainable world. We do this by sharing information (data). That is why we are called Data for Good.


Is sustainable and fair expensive?

No, believe us: it is not expensive. Did you know that the greenest energy supplier is really not the most expensive? And what would it be like if your clothing label shows whether it is made by children? Is a t-shirt still so comfortable?


Let your money roll in the right direction. That helps worldwide. Because money counts! You’ve got the power. So use your money power!

Action Goals:



From a worldwide dream to action in 2030

Everyone deserves not to live in poverty, go to school, drink clean water, breathe clean air, enjoy nature and be themselves. Yes right ?! In the Netherlands too.


This requires a global approach. That is why the Netherlands, together with 192 other countries, has set goals: the sustainable development goals. The dream is to achieve these development goals by 2030. That calls for action! The 17 sustainable development goals have now been translated into 5 concrete action goals for everyone; the ActionGoals.


Power to the People

Climate change, child labor abroad, natural disasters and discrimination. This isn’t a far-off show, but the good news is: the solution is closer than you think.


Data for Good – Mission Control helps you in daily life to make the world more sustainable and fairer, with simple actions: ActionGoals.


From goals to ActionGoals | Are you joining?

Data for Good shares data on smart choices on the themes of buying, working, eating, living in freedom and staying healthy. For you and others worldwide.


And do you want to start a nice project. For example a facade garden? We show how much positive impact you can achieve with this. That is contagious for others.


How do we know if an ActionGoal works?

Scientists and knowledge institutes calculate this for us. We show what happens when everyone participates. Then the world will really become fairer and more sustainable for 2030. So that we achieve those important global development goals!


Participate and join for free, click here.

Say Hello
Let’s make a change together!

Address: Beursplein 37, 3011 AA, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: +(0)85 – 246 04 26
Chamber of Commerce / KVK: 77230248

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