We are very proud that the founder of is part of the movie: THE PARADISE ON EARTH by Ruud Koornstra & Roos Koornstra

With greats such as Jan Rotmans Wouter van Dieren Frank Boekholtz Ton Backx Marjan Minnesma Sven Jense Cas van Arendonk Michel Schuurman Klaas van Egmond and many more.

In the film, the urgency of transparency, measuring and displaying a national energy dashboard becomes clear, just like the bottom-up approach! By the people For the people! The Data for Good Mission Control Dashboard fr SDG 7 is presented in the movie!

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Check out our Mission Control Dashboards

“Education is our greatest opportunity to give an irrevocable gift the the next generation!”

Check out our Mission Control Dashboards on

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Check out the Data exchange

Check out the Data exchange of The Netherlands (and the rest of the world) on!

More data to add? register and add your own data, missions, or operations related to the Sustainable Development Goals!

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Impact Alert! First mission control room

Impact Alert!, Mission Control Room SDG12 Mission Control Room Energy Transition – SDG7 and the Province of Gelderland in the Netherlands are launching THE FIRST MISSION CONTROL ROOM for achieving the SDG’s! Located on the green IPKW terrain in Arnhem in building LB.

Check it out and schedule your time slot to get a tour!

Provincie Gelderland Karin van IJsselmuide Reindert Augustijn Jan van der Meer Ruud Koornstra Kelly Ruigrok Anouk Creusen Folkert van der Molen Wytze Kuijper Oriane Wiser Noemi Noveck Sandra Pellegrom

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EcoTree International plotted their forests

EcoTree International plotted their forests (all certified and responsible forests) on the Data Exchange.

EcoTree International, & Provincie Gelderland are going to plot science based impact scenario’s to extend forest area’s in Gelderland! In the plotting process the measuring of positive impact of this scenario’s in close collaboration with scientists are also taken into account.

Join this Mission and work with us, or launch your own!

Marten Susebeek 🌳 Reindert Augustijn Ruud Koornstra Kelly Ruigrok Wytze Kuijper Karin van IJsselmuide

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Data for Good New Website!

We present to you, the new Data for Good!

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