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We help people in the need of transparency in challenge to create a better living environment and more self-sustainability.
Data for Good is an online platform to globally unite people, knowledge and data.

Our solution - 1 data and community driven WORLDMAP for people, companies, cities and governments

Data-for-Good is an online platform where people can report on sustainability performance of products, companies and geographical areas, storing data to be used for rating and analytics (predictive and prescriptive) that enable data-driven decision making.

How you create, control and benefit of change?

The transition that we are currently witnessing, moving from a traditional economy to a new future proof economy, does not always go as smooth, efficient and impactful as was intended. Accelerators of this change, such as NGO’s, social enterprises, individuals, innovative start-ups and large corporates, are not always able to get the support themselves to reach the most impactful change. Despite lots of efforts from this group the overall sense of urgency sometimes just seems to be slacking. To increase impact and increase urgency to overcome globally social, sustainable and other new challenges, we need a strong ecosystem of people, companies, governments and cities.

How it works:

Data for Good is a online community driven hotline for people worldwide to report sustainability positive and negative on companies, products, supply chains, fabrics etc. Data for Good is a unified data collector that mines huge data and analyse data real time to score, share and hold the world to account. Data for Good visualizes all impact Data on the DATA FOR GOOD map.

The companies and cities pay for reports on their companies or cities based on the data analyses.

People can sort on products and companies and read ALL the data themselves. Data for good is the Google/ Wikipedia of this decade and enables data-driven decision making for everyone.

  • Huge data compository -Companies can respond directly to people
  • Cities can respond directly to citizens
  • Data for Good is independent and agnostic and only publishes meta and verified data
  • Sharing of best business practices (packaging, pollution, plastic, waste etc.)
  • Enabling data-driven decision making
  • Accessible (sustainability) knowledge and practice for everyone
Social Media Platform:

Data for Good is worlds first social media platform that has no algorhytem as business model but memberships fees of companies and verification! That means we really are Privacy Proof!

Verified Data Exchange:

Data on our verified data exchange comes from external data partners and verified civilian/company reports that are reported thru the community and verified by external certification institutions.

Multi-generational Kompas:

Multi-generational Kompas/Lens to monitor and measure political, economic and environmental stability of assets that move from generation to generation.

One single platform for data:

All data structured and visualized on a single platform. Data that has impact on parameters that impact everyone.

Verified Data Policy:

All data shown and shared is verified independently (by a second party assessment) or is verified at certificate level.

Data for Good Ecosystem

Consultancy Firms
Certification Bodies
Elderly People
Social Media Platforms
Social Enterprises
Data Partners

Data Insights

Gain insights & watch reports from businesses, city's and civilians who are maximising the impact of their current data and translate how you can bring these ideas, ratings and innovations to your own organization or life


Hear, learn and report on case studies as a person or organization using data to save lives, decrease risks, increase social impact, solve logistics problems, save money and increase efficiency

Sustainability & SDG's

Drive change within your current role – finding & reporting opportunities through data to hit Sustainable Development Goals and increase social impact