Domain Mobility


The problems with the current mobility system


In 2016, more than 90% of all personal vehicles on the road were fuelled by gasoline or diesel.

Why improving the mobility system is beneficial


Using electric vehicles can drastically reduce the CO2 emissions produced by cars on the road, while also improving overall quality of life (less noise and air pollution in urban areas, reduction of heat islands, and considerable financial savings with regards to fuel costs).

The measures taken by the province of Gelderland

1.Introduction of emission free zones

Together with Overijssel, the Province will support the introduction of emission-free
Emission-free zones are circumscribed urban areasin which only zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) are allowed. "In such areas, all internal combustion engine vehicles are banned; this includes any plug-in hybrid vehicles which cannot run zero-emission.
zones in 7 major cities

2.Providing an additional 210,000 public charging stations