Domain Industry


The problems with the current built environment


Industries are incredibly energy intensive and therefore generate CO2 eq emissions, contributing to both climate change and local pollution.

Why improving the current industry system is beneficial


The benefits are expressed in terms of CO2 profit, energy saving or future-proofness of economic clusters (green profit).

The measures taken

Improve sustainability of industrial estates

Providing an additional 210,000 public charging stations

This measure aims to improve the sustainability of industrial estates by making 30% of business parks energy neutral.
Through the subsidy scheme Future-Proof
These subsidies are meant to assist in the realization of the projects that need a final push. The focus is on the concepts of enhancing to be future-proof: organizational capacity, restructuring energy transition, circular economy, digital accessibility, biodiversity, climate adaption, smart and clean mobility, resilicience, and sport.
business parks. Gelderland aims to strengthen the business climate for companies on business parks.
Goal 1 Progress
28 %

Goal 1: Invest € 9 million to support projects towards the realization of energy transition

Goal 2 Progress
16 %

Goal 2: Make 30% of business parks energy neutral