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Built Environment

The problems with the current built environment


A large number of homes in Gelderland have an energy label C or lower

Why improving the built environment is beneficial


In the province of Gelderland, houses with a C or lower energy label can save up to 19% of energy if labeled A+.


Buildings and pavement can retain heat for a long time, creating heat islands. To keep a cool head, more and more air conditioning systems are being installed, with which energy consumption continues to increase and extra heat is added to the outside air on hot days.


Insulation of homes, the greening of roofs, the installation of overhangs and sun blinds, the planting of trees or facade greenery, and the replacement of paving by vegetation in gardens and public spaces van contribute to overall CO2 emissions and improve well-being.

The measures taken

Long-term support of energy counters

Financing and unburdening residents through the Future Proof Living Incentive Loan

This measure aims to provide long-term support of energy counters in order to provide good information throughout Gelderland. Through this measure, the province of Gelderland encourages the creation of a network of energy counters by long-term financing and support for professionalization.

Goal Progress
28 %

Goal 1: Invest € 8-10 million in Municipalities to ensure the continuity and professionalization of energy counters and energy cooperatives