City for Good

As a government body, you are responsible for people, planet and
profit. This is not always easy, you have to deal with different
stakeholders, such as different population groups, business and
higher authorities.

Data for Good is the largest visual data platform in the world with the
aim of creating a more sustainable, transparent and social world at
local and international level together with an ecosystem of citizens,
companies and governments. We achieve this by recognizing and
mapping sustainable and social initiatives and verifying their impact.

Discover the City for Good package

Measure your city on happiness & sustainability

Data for Good has a collaboration with Arcadis
regarding the Sustainable City Index which is
displayed on the Data for Good map. They are
measuring this index on open data sources.

With the coming up of the Data for Good social
media platform, we can mine data from civilians,
tourists and companies within cities or
geographical regions with the standardized
questionnaires: The City Assessments that are
launched November 2020.

City Functionalities

  • Map your city on the Global Goals and make the city SDG map visible
    on the DATA FOR GOOD map
  • Share your sustainability rating of the organization on the DATA FOR GOOD map
  • Share knowledge in the DATA FOR GOOD community
  • Report on the Global Goals, transparency, supply chain & products
  • Search on social and sustainable products, companies, schools, sportclubs, cities etc.
  • Get insight in validated civilian, company and government reports about a region,
    country, city product or company
  • Use the CITY FOR GOOD member logo on website and marketing materials
  • Measure the happiness and sustainability of Tourists, Civilians and Companies within your City

Extra USP’s for cities:

You receive feedback: You receive responses via the Data for Good Community on how
citizens or companies experience the impact of your transactions or decisions.
It gives you the opportunity to communicate: interact with citizens and companies and
stimulate improvements for people, nature and the environment.
You get (verified) insights: Through various reports from the community you can extract
which measures are successful or where you need to make adjustments.
Share & Learn: Share insights and use worldwide experiences in other municipalities and
learn from them.
Connect with the local and worldwide ecosystem: Different communities have a common interest, City for Good unites them. We are the most economical way to communicate your
positive impact.