About Us
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About Us

Together with strong partners, companies, institutions, governments and the people we create a community based worldmap to gain transparency worldwide and discover solutions – the Data for Good Map!
About Us

We Are Making Changes

We are a DATA FOR GOOD company of rebels and change makers that are eager to accelerate transparency and sustainability with plug and play technology with real time monitoring, predictable analytics and prescriptive AI.


We support purpose driven data and recognize the importance of a digital acceleration to fully empower the (data)partners and members and maximize the societal impact worldwide.

With the DATA FOR GOOD map, everybody can search,check and report on the Sustainable Development Goals,transparency, supply chain & products

This DATA FOR GOOD company is part of the GLOBAL FOR GOOD GROUP.


We build the DATA FOR GOOD map, a community based digital twin of the world were every piece of data comes together. In this way we are making the world transparent together by reporting with people, governments, companies, datapartners, Big Data & AI. And we believe, Transparency will drive the change we need in the world to evolve as global society

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