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Creating a more sustainable society is crucial to the survival of our planet. But it is also quite an operation. The global battle against pollution and inhumanity is being fought on so many fronts and by so many different forces that it is difficult to get a global perspective. And because we can’t really track progress. Is it difficult to assure the general population that their efforts for a better world are really valid?

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In order to truly track and trace progress towards a better world, we need a unified global operation with military precision. One mission control center where all sustainable information from the world is collected and interpreted and where we can collect and disseminate meaningful missions for a better planet.

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Meet the Mission Control center for sustainable development goals. Data for Good is the world’s largest visual data platform with the goal of creating a more sustainable transparent and social world. We do this at a local and international level together with an ecosystem of citizens, companies, and governments. We achieve this by gathering sustainable and social missions around the world, combining them to show their collective impact, and helping businesses, governments, and citizens engage in these missions.


To effectively bring people together worldwide for a good cause, we use the SDGs as our development goals. By measuring the global and local growth of the various SDGs and moonshot missions that support these goals, we can assure people of the impact of their missions and inspire more people to participate in meaningful missions for a better planet.


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Through various reports from the community, you can extract which measures are successful and where adjustments are needed.

Share insights and learn from worldwide experiences in other cities and learn from them.


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