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A digital realm for impact makers

A digital realm for Good, driven by Data. Data for Good (DfG) shares endless opportunities for change agents to grow their outreach, achieve their ambitions, and motivate future change agents to join by showcasing their contributions.

DfG delivers displaying tools for everyone to share and expand their achievements towards our common global goals

Data for Good’s favorite digital tool to showcase the positive impact made by change agents is the dashboard. DfG has pre-integrated dashboards that all change agents can use and share. Here are the different dashboards enabling and promoting action:

Project Dashboards

Organization Dashboards

Alliance Dashboards

Country Dashboards

Data for Good Users

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Frequently asked questions

What is Data for Good?

Why was Data for Good founded?

How does Data for Good help people?

How does Data for Good help organizations?

How does Data for Good help governmental institutions?

What is Data for Good?

Think of a Data for Good as a digital realm promoting global action and global partnerships to achieve sustainable development. By giving access to customizable dashboards, DfG strives to enhance global partnerships and motivate change agents to showcase their projects and actions supporting sustainable development. Enhancing accountability, providing opportunities for collaboration and promoting transparency are the three core missions of Data for Good. By enabling change agents to vet their achievements, DfG paves the way towards a non-green-washed world. Go check out the Vetted for Good feature.

Why was Data for Good founded?

Data for Good was founded to support the achievement of all the sustainable development goals set under the United Nations 2030 Agenda. By directly supporting the targets 17.18. and 17.19. under the Goal #17: Global Partnerships, Data for Good facilitates the monitoring of capabilities, renders access to data, and ensures the prevalence of accountability. At Data For Good, we are fierce believers in the potential of the SDGs as a force for good because they form the overarching framework for sustainable development. Reducing the lack of visibility on their progress is Data for Good’s daily mission. Join us, to go far in achieving sustainable development.

How does Data for Good help people?

Data for Good’s platform provides the following tools for change agents from the civil society:

How does Data for Good help organizations?

Data For Good is a unique tool for organizations to showcase their commitment to the SDGs. With our private Organization Dashboards, your organization can not only showcase the diversity of its sustainability projects, but also track each project’s progress. Additionally, you can link your GSES Scorecard (if a member) to this page, upload your sustainability reports (CSR for example), and invite members of the Data for Good community to events on your personal calendar.

Check out our prices here, and start your own Organization Dashboard.

How Data for Good helps governmental institutions

Data for Good is a unique tool for governmental institutions to showcase their commitments to sustainable development and the global goals. With Data for Good’s Governmental Dashboards, governmental change agents can showcase their projects supporting sustainable development, providing funding context, and verify the impact of certain research and/or grant projects. Additionally, governmental agents can share the endorsed policies supporting sustainable development and share their (local) climate pledge.

We started Data for Good out of a desire to
Unify, Inspire & Widen the participation of change agents through action.

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