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For monitoring and displaying achievements to take on global challenges and goals

Data for Good provides customers and visitors various services

A Global Control Center – Data for Good serves as a Global Progress Tracker which allows any visitors to easily visualize the progress being made by change agents all over the world. The progress can be seen at various levels; per sustainable development goals, per country, per organization, per mission and per project. Stakeholders can engage with, and contribute to the Global Progress Tracker by taking advantage of its services, which include:

Project Page

A Private Client Platform

Organization Dashboards

Country Dashboards

Fact Checking

Call for Volunteering

Scenario Simulator

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Frequently asked questions

What is Data for Good?

Why was Data for Good founded?

How does Data for Good help people?

How does Data for Good help organizations?

How does Data for Good help governments and cities?

What is a Fact Check?

What is Data for Good?

Data For Good strives to become a Global Control Center which monitors the progress made by change agents around the world towards achieving common challenges and goals, and eventually the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By sharing and updating vetted and easily understandable data on our Dashboards, we aim to promote transparency, enhance accountability and provide opportunities for capacity building and collaboration.

Why was Data for Good founded?

Since 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the world with 17 crucial global goals which together, when accomplished, safeguard a sustainable future for all, leaving no one behind. Yet, this battle is being fought on many fronts and by many different forces.

At Data For Good, we are fierce believers in the potential of the SDGs as a force for good, yet we acknowledge that there is little visibility regarding their progress globally. By creating a platform that serves as a Global Mission Control Center, we strengthen the collective wisdom of entrepreneurs, change agents, policymakers, and the general audience, to increase the impact of projects which will eventually help achieve the SDGs by 2030.

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Figure 1Data Pyramid Our Global Control Center relies on a robust foundation of data aggregation in order to provide real time updates of the progress made towards achieving the objectives at different levels. We call this the Data Pyramid.

How does Data for Good help people?

We give people 4 tools to truly make an impact:

Register for free on the Data For Good platform as a civilian and start your own Project to support an overarching Mission, request Fact Checks or reach out to other change agents and start discovering Projects and opportunities.

How does Data for Good help organizations?

Data For Good is a unique tool for Organizations to showcase their commitment to the SDGs. With our private Organization Dashboards, your organization can, not only showcase the diversity of its sustainability Projects, but also track each of their progress. Additionally, you can link your GSES Scorecard (if a member) to this page, upload your sustainability reports (CSR for example), and invite members of the Data For Good community to events on your personal calendar.

Check out our prices here, and start your own Organization Dashboard.

How does Data for Good help governmental institutions like: cities, provinces, water authorities and more

Data For Good is a unique tool for Governmental institutions to showcase their commitment to the SDGs. With our private Governmental Dashboards, your institution can not only showcase the diversity of its sustainability projects and policies but also track each of their progress.

This is an ideal solution to help your citizens understand and support why you are enacting certain policies and measures. By being part of this community, you build a bridge between you and your citizens.

What is a Fact Check?

Fact Checking is a service provided by Data For Good, whereby various stakeholders (consumers, governments and Organizations) can request an independent (3rd party) verification of claims made for any given product, brand and/or service, by producers, brands and other types of Organizations through our Fact Checking service, we enable a bottom up, self regulated and verified system which aims to signal and eventually, minimize, false claims.

In fact, a Fact Check is simply a request for proof that the claims made about a product are true. By enabling a real and transparent exchange between civil society, companies and governments, we aim to give back the power to the people.

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